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How can I get a model?

Give us a call to setup an appointment. (717) 421-9488 or send us an email at

Why would I want a model?

Photographs are great, but as humans we're programmed to see and feel in 3D. A model is a great alternative or complement to photographs for:

family portraits, custom sports trophies, holiday gifts, wedding cake toppers, uniformed occupation portraits, charting your children's growth, keepsakes of grandparents, graduation portraits, fashion shoots, prom portraits, video game models, pregnancy portraits....

...In short: if your memories deserve depth, you deserve a model.

What should I wear?

Bright colored clothing works best. Shoes must be worn (sorry, no heels). Glasses must be removed. No hats unless held against body.

How long does a 3D portrait session take?

Budget about 10 minutes for your portrait session.

Do I need to stand still for a long time?

Nope. We 3D scan you in a fraction of a second.

How long for delivery?

Approximately 7 - 21 days depending on time of year.

Can I send a picture instead of visiting a model booth?

To capture a detailed 3d model, you'll need to stop by our studio in person so we can take your image from a variety of angles.

Can I get a 3D photo without buying a print?

Yes. You can get a 3D scan without buying a print.

Can more than 1 person get scanned together?

Yes. We can scan up to 4 people together. (We can scan larger groups in batches and combine afterward.)

Can I get a model of my pet?

Yes! We can turn your dogs and cats into PocketPets .... sorry, fish are too tricky.

What's a model made of?

A sandstone-like material. The 3D printer prints layers of adhesive to bind the material and prints color on the exterior.

How should I care for my model?

Don't: drop it, wet it, or expose it to direct sunlight.

Do: give it plenty of love.

Can I order duplicates laters?

We'll keep your 3D scan on file, so you can order duplicates as you wish.

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